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baFotolia 30656542 XSIf you are ashamed to smile because of yellow or darkened teeth or have white spots on your teeth, then teeth whitening might be the solution to your concerns. We encourage you to make a no-obligation free consultation with one of our teeth whitening professionals at Hawthorne Dental. We will help you achieve that whiter and brighter smile you've always wanted!

Teeth whitening, or bleaching, is the gradual lightening of your natural colored teeth. At Hawthorne Dental we routinely make our patients' teeth many shades lighter, revealing a new, whiter and brighter smile. We are proud to offer two types of professional whitening options: the take-home whitening kit and the in-office fast whitening solution.

The take-home whitening kit includes two custom fitted whitening trays and a whitening gel for up to 10 applications. The gel is applied in the tray and then placed on the teeth for 15-20 minutes once a day for one week. In-office whitening application is delivered once for 1 hour but at a higher concentration of the solution. Both the in-office and take-home teeth whitening solutions are very effective whitening systems and will give you the results you are looking for: you will have a whiter and brighter smile that you will love to show off to everyone!

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  • 15017 Hawthorne Blvd.
  • Lawndale, CA 90260
  • Tel: (310) 973-6428

All Dental Insurances Accepted

All insurances are welcome. All of your insurance questions will be gladly answered by our insurance specialists. Our goal is to maximize your insurance benefits and make any remaining balance easily affordable. We also offer an in-office discount plan available on the first visit. Read more
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